Buying a product you are taking RULES and conditions of use.

A bit of useful information.

Read carefully can you all are not worth buying.

1. For coupons and Google accounts Advords, Direct, Facebook:

1.1 Coupons

a) All coupons are valid only for new accounts (Adwords) are not older than 14 days.

b) Discounts are converted to any currency specified in your account, coupons are not registered but from different countries, specify to buy $ .105 / 3100 is now a coupon U.S.

c).How to enter the coupon is shown in the picture PUSH HERE

d).Discounts apply only Facebook for 3 months.

e).Breaking the rules entry, misuse of coupons, which leads to blocking, with my no violations, and please do not solicit money back, because they themselves judge what I do with it.

1.2 Accounts

a) All accounts are already activated (enter coupon, introduced prepaid, created an advertising campaign)

b)Included with each account is “Dedicated Server” (see info below), and Yandex account money to replenish the account Adwords.

c) American, Belarusian, Czech accounts. Accounts are created on a separate Dedik, coupon activated, launched an advertising campaign, and went pokazy.Akkaunty workers, shows that going to the campaign of the country.

d) Accounts Yandex Direct. Accounts workers, introduced a coupon payment is made​​, carried an ad. Direct accounts on the computer can be a little (this is according to the rules). Dedikov and does not make sense to use.

e)Instructions to activate your account by the coupon payment, without dinner because rub 400/10 usdworks,Yes everything works correctly. But not in Russia. In other countries, the CIS also has what the country and how do you learn only after purchasing instructions on the site. But in these accounts can display and Russian advertising, or UA

f). Buying accounts you have to understand that one and the same site many times have to turn in different accounts, you can not – when it will ban for it. Practice shows that it is easy to advertise the site in five accounts in a row, then tried (no need), that is, the site has not been banned, all the rules. If you have any questions please contact us.

2. Dedik (Remote Desktop server)

a)By one account Adwords is only a Dedicated Server.

b) Warranty Dedicated Server 24.

c) How to connect to a Dedicated Server.

Everything is done fast and easy: click “start”-> “RUN”, enter the command mstsc. In the window that appears, enter Ip address given to you, then click “Connect.” This opens the entrance to the remote desktop, where you will enter your login and password that you will be issued.

c) After the purchase we recommend you change your password for every a. How to change your password? At his grandfather presses “start” “run” cmd. Enter: net user, user password and enter.

d)what to do if you connect displays a message: terminal exeeded the maximum connections? In this case, 99% of the so-called help console connection, or connect via null session. To do this, start-run type in:

mstsc /v: /admin , ENTER ,or: mstsc /v: /f -console (Of course, instead of zeros we collect IP Dedicated Server);

3. For all other matters not described in writing Contacts

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